MSI Kombustor download

Download MSI Kombustor for PC to thoroughly test GPU performance by pushing it to its limits. This free utility program is designed for Windows users to conduct graphics card stress tests.

Simple & Easy To Use

The software interface is very easy to use and simple. You don’t need to be a techy guy to use this tool. Just download MSI Kombustor Tool and start tests.


You may find many benchmarking tool as paid or premium. But you get Kombustor by MSI for free. There is no any charge or fee to download and use this tool.

Afterburner Support

MSI Afterburner is an ultimate overclocking and stress test utility tool for MSI Graphics cards. You can link Kombustor with Afterburner for a detailed and extreme analysis of your GPU.

GPU Temperature Monitoring

Kombustor by MSI gives you a great insight about your graphic card. One such information is GPU Temperature monitoring. The tool will display you real-time GPU core temperature and load.

Various Modes

The tool is very simople yet powerful. It gives you ability to run a number of tests. The very basic thing you can do is GPU stress test, which you can run with Afterburner or separately as well. There is also a Xtreme Burning Mode for Xtreme testers.

Screensize Selection

There are two screen size options available, the one is standard and another is custom. You can opt any of these two as per your preference. Furthermore, you can also select fullscreen or windowed screen for each test that you run in the MSI Kombustor.

MSI Kombustor Download for PC

You can download MSI Kombustor for Windows running on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. As of now, the software is only available for windows users. You can grab the Kombustor MSI Download setup from links provided below. Please make sure that you are downloading the suitable files for your computer.






92 MB


3 April 2024





10.7 MB


15 June 2018

How To Install MSI Kombustor

Here we have the step-by-step instructions that you can follow to install MSI Kombustor on Windows computer or laptop. 

  • First of all, Download MSI Kombustor Latest Version for Windows PCs using the links above.
  • Once downloaded, click on the setup file to run the installation wizard.

  • Once the installation wizard starts, click on ‘Run‘ and then allow administrator permission by again clicking on “YES“.

  • Now on the setup, select “I accept the agreement” > “Next“.

  • Then select the destination folder for the software installation. You can leave it default.

  • Tick “Don’t create a Start Menu folder“, if you don’t want to add MSI Kombustor icon to the start menu.

  • In the additional tasks, select the options as per your preference. 

  • At last, Hit “Install” button to proceed the installation.


Looks like you have some queries or questions regarding this benchmarking tool. Feel free to take a look at some of the frequently asked questions that we have listed below with the right answers.

What is MSI Kombustor?

MSIKombustor is a benchmarking utility tool for Windows to test your graphics card limits. It provides you a simple user interface with the information about your GPU.

What does MSI Kombustor do?

In a nutshell, It stress your GPU to provide you the stats and statistics. MSI Kombustor uses your system GPU more from its capability and analyse it. Later on when the process is finished, it gives you detailed information.

How long should you run Kombustor?

Stressing your GPU through MSI Kombustor depends on your system specs. A usual stress test vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Is there any Kombustor Alternative?

Yeah, there're so many alternatives to MSI Kombustor. Some popular one includes RivaTuner and Furmark. Furthermore, you can also try other software by MSI for other tweaks e.g. MSI Dragon Center.